Mailing List Deluxe


Send out custom mass mailings to your customers


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Nowadays many companies, especially the ones that have decided to take advantage of the Internet to expand their commercial network, are in need of occasional mass mailings – a marketing activity that's both profitable and free.

Mailing List Deluxe is a program designed to get the most out of a mass mailing to clients or providers.

The program lets you create different emails lists and import them from any location, customizing your contacts so that the customers' names, cities, and other personal information appear in each email. This will surely have a positive impact on each customer interaction.

Mailing List Deluxe lets you send emails both in TXT and HTML formats. The program includes a simple text editor and an HTML editor. It also contains a preview option that lets you check how your emails look before you send them.

You can send a maximum of 50 messages per session; these will include a watermark containing the program's name.

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